Getting to know you - Blood Type A.


Yesterday I shared ‘Getting to know you - Blood Type O’. It basically just explained the characteristics and background of all blood type O’s. Tonight is obviously the background on Blood Type A’s… So.. here we go! :)

Excerpt from Kora Organics Blog - Written by David Bridgman.

"In our look at the blood types we last had a peek at Type O. Strong of body, laser like focus, reward and pleasure driven, with weak points such as addictive tendencies and impulsiveness.

Well in contrast our Type A’s couldn’t be more different.

According to Dr. D’Adamo, Type A is the second oldest of the 4 main blood types, based on anthropological studies. (For references and conservation of space, I suggest you go to the blood type site or refer to his books listed below).

Some of the defining characteristics, based on solid science are as follows.

Whereas the Type O Brain chemistry is driven by reward chemicals such as dopamine, the dominant feature of the classic type A (which is well supported by blood studies and neurochemistry) is Stress Avoidance. This conclusion is largely due to the base line levels of the adrenal hormone Cortisol, being higher in Type A than the other Blood types. Cortisol is one of our “fight or flight” hormones strongly involved in managing inflammation and you could say it is Adrenalin’s little brother.

If the Type O adrenalin surge is a “call to arms”, then the cortisol peaks of Type A are more like a “call to retreat to the bunker”

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Day 4 of Juice Cleanse

…hasn’t quite gone as planned. While i’m still drinking them everyday and having fun making different concoctions its had an interesting side effect. I read before i started this that some people start feeling sick a few days into their cleanse. Be it an upset stomach type of sick or cold like symptoms. Mine is the cold symptoms. Sore throat, congested, runny nose etc. Apparently its all the toxins being released from my body. So i should be happy that its obviously working but i hate feeling like crud especially during a long work week.

On the plus side since juicing has been quite expensive i found out my job gives me a 10% discount on fresh fruit and veg!


Day 1 of Juicing

So after watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Almost Dead, i decided to give juicing a chance. 
I tried to start Day 1 over the weekend and felt like i was doing great until i had an allergic reaction to Pineapple. Blowwwws so hard because i looove pineapple. But my tongue swelled, throat closed up and i couldn’t breathe so here we are. I’m just going to modify some of my recipes.

Here we go!

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